Synthetic Drugs

What are they?

Synthetic drugs are drugs that are created to avoid the provisions of existing drug laws. Usually these drugs are prepared by modifying the chemical structure of existing drugs to create a derivative of the original form. Many of these substances are sold at local convenience stores or can be purchased online. They are often labeled as or referred to by various misleading terms such as research chemicals, bath salts or plant food.

A Safe Alternative?

This is a very important topic to address because synthetic drugs are dangerous. They are not safe as an alternative to more well-known drugs. It is vital that parents. Communicate this fact with their children. Many people believe that since you can buy it in the store, it is not as dangerous as illegal drugs.

Not For Human Consumption?

The majority of these drugs are labeled “not for human consumption” and by labeling these products with this description, companies are attempting to skirt the Federal Analog Act which forbids drugs that are “substantially similar” to already classified drugs from being sold for human consumption.


Synthetic drugs can come in a wide variety of names, these are the most popular:
-Ivory Wave	-Magic
-Bath Salt	-Mystic
-K2		-420
-Spice		-Wicked X
-Kush		-Baked
-Diamond	-Flakka
-Fire & Ice

CNN Report on Synthetic Drugs

FLAKKA (Deadly designer drug hitting South Florida streets)

Flakka is the newest synthetic drug to hit the streets of Broward County. Although the drug is synthetic, its dangers are real. Many people believe Flakka, also spelled Flocka, is a synthetic “man-made” drug. This is completely false! The active ingredient in Flakka, Alpha-PVP, is often marketed as a research chemical in an attempt by companies to skirt the legal system. It is packaged to attract buyers and disguise its dangers. When consumed, Alpha-PVP is extremely dangerous and has caused severe side effects and even death. On the street Flakka is often mixed with other dangerous illegal street drugs, such as cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine, causing even more deadly effects.

What you need to know?

What is it? Flakka is the latest version of bath salts containing a dangerous synthetic chemical compound identified as Alpha-PVP, which mirrors symptoms similar to crystal meth. What does it look like? Flakka is a crystalline substance resembling rock candy. It also comes in powder form. How is it used? Flakka can be injected, poured into capsules and ingested, or smoked in an e-cigarette or joint.

The Side Effects

-Severe Hallucinations		-Psychosis
-Hyperthermia			-Euphoria
-Rapid Heart Beat		-Agitation
-Anxiety			-Kidney Failure
-Extreme Paranoia		-Excited Delirium – a Medical Emergency!

Flakka Danger

Due to its extreme profit margin, some drug dealers are selling Flakka as cocaine or crystal meth. The similar look of these substances makes it almost impossible for the user to know the difference. The side effects of Flakka are severe. The dosage amount leading to the onset of Excited Delirium is unknown. Excited Delirium is a Medical Emergency! Someone experiencing Excited Delirium often exhibit signs of: -Bizarre and/or Aggressive Behavior -Speech Disturbances -Severe Hallucinations -Superhuman Strength -Extreme Paranoia -Elevated Body Temperature (Profuse Sweating) -Disorientation and Panicking Due to the elevated body temperature, superhuman strength and insensitivity to pain, your internal body systems begin to break down causing internal organ failure – often resulting in death. As of January 2015, local emergency rooms are seeing more than 30 patients per day due to severe side effects of Flakka use.

The Effects of Synthetic Drugs Can Be Severe

Very severe paranoia often causes users to harm themselves or others. Effects reported to Poison Control Centers include:
-Suicidal Thoughts		-Increased Heart Rate
-Super Human Strength		-Hypertension
-Violent Behavior		-Chest Pain
-Confusion			-Death or Serious Injury

The speed of onset is 15 minutes, while the length of the high from these types of drugs can last four to six hours.

“Bath Salts” are Not Bath Salts

What are bath salts anyway? They are a man-made, chemical stimulant drug. Generally, stimulants are a class of drugs that elevate mood and increase feelings of well-being, energy and alertness. Amphetamines or speed are examples of stimulant drugs. Bath Salts are just the street name, intended to keep the drugs under the radar. They don’t particularly look like bath salts except for the color. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone and methylene are the chemicals found most often in Bath Salts. They are commonly ingested orally or snorted through the nose and are very dangerous.

Information acquired by a flyer provided by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

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