Are random traffic stops legal?

The Supreme Court has held that random vehicle stops are unreasonable seizures under the Fourth Amendment. Police officers are required to have probable cause in order to justify stopping a vehicle, or at the very least a reasonable suspicion that a driver is violating some law or traffic code.

Are random license plates or tags checks legal?

Yes, they are. Random license plates or tags checks are often confused with random traffic stops but these are totally different. Acquiring information of a license plate or tag does not constitute entering the vehicle because the tag is displayed at the rear of the vehicle (in any case in Florida). As a result, there isn't a spectation of privacy when you have a license plate attached to the vehicle., "United States v. Ellison (2006)

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What is a felony traffic stop?

The felony stop is one of the most-common high-risk situations that patrol officers find themselves in, but all too frequently officers utilize traffic stop tactics on felony suspects — often with tragic results.

Man arrested after allegedly refusing to give officer driver's license during traffic stop


FORT WALTON BEACH - A 29-year-old Navarre man is facing charges after refusing to give an officer his license during a traffic stop for a faulty tag light.

Fort Walton Beach Police officers noticed the car driving on Carson Drive on Aug. 21 around 9 p.m., according to the arrest report. Officers noticed that the car drove into a driveway and within a few moments backed out and drove the other way.

Because the tag light was out, officers performed a traffic stop, speaking with the driver, who refused to do more than crack a window, the report said. An officer asked him for his driver's license, insurance and registration.

The man ignored the request, asked if he had committed a crime and told officers he had a "right to free travel," according to the report. He asked if he was detained.

Officers explained multiple times that the man's tag light was out and asked again for the driver's license, the report said. The man refused to provide a driver's license multiple times, arguing the validity of the stop.

Officers told the man that he was being placed under arrest and warned him he would be removed by force if necessary, according to the report. The man allegedly continued to refuse all commands to open the window or car door.

An officer took out his baton and ordered the man to open his car door one final time, which the man once again refused to do, before breaking the man's window, the report said. The man still refused to open the door and get out of the vehicle.

He was Tasered and taken out of the vehicle. He is charged with resisting an officer without violence.

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