Misdemeanor Presence Exceptions

1. Airport: Actions of trespass in a secure area of an airport when signs are posted in conspicuous area of airport which notify that unauthorized entry into such areas constitutes a trespass and specify the methods for gaining authorized access to such areas. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(14)).
2. Assault: An assault upon a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, an emergency medical care provider, public transit employees or agents, or other specified officers as set forth in § 784.07 or an assault or battery upon any employee of a receiving facility as defined in § 394.455 who is engaged in the lawful performance of their duties. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(15)).
3. Battery: Any battery upon another person, as defined in § 784.03. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(9) (a)).
4. Child Abuse: An act of child abuse, as defined in § 827.03, Abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child or has violated § 787.025, Luring or enticing a child. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(8)).
5. Criminal Mischief: An act of Criminal mischief as described in § 806.13. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(9)(b)).
6. Concealed Weapon: A criminal act according to § 790.01, Carrying concealed weapons. (Misdemeanor exception source § 790.02).
7. Disorderly Conduct: Any acts of a breach of the peace or disorderly conduct as defined in § 877.03 on the premises of a licensed public lodging establishment as defined in § 509.013(4)(a). (Misdemeanor exception source § 509.143(2)).
Domestic Violence:
8. An act of domestic violence, as defined in § 741.28. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(7)).
9. A criminal act according to § 741.31, Violation of a domestic violence injunction. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(6)).
10. An act that violates a condition of pretrial release provided in § 903.047 when the original arrest was for an act of domestic violence as defined in § 741.28. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(13)).
11. A criminal act according to § 790.235, Possession of firearm or ammunition prohibited when person is subject to a domestic violence injunction. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(6)).
12. A criminal act according to § 784.047, Penalties for violating protective injunctions, which violates: an injunction for protection entered pursuant to § 741.30. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(6)). 13. A criminal act according to § 784.046, Action by victim of repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence for protective injunction. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(6)).
14. Drugs: Possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis according to § 893.13(6)(b). (Misdemeanor exception source § 893.13(6)(d)).
15. Graffiti: A Graffiti-related offense as described in § 806.13. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(9)(b)).
16. Loitering and Prowling: A criminal act according to § 856.021, Loitering and Prowling. (Misdemeanor exception source § 856.031).
17. Protection Order: A foreign protection order accorded full faith and credit pursuant to § 741.315, Recognition of foreign protection orders. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(6)).
18. Stalking: Any violation of § 748.048, Stalking. (Misdemeanor exception source § 784.048(6)).
19. Theft: An act of retail theft, farm theft, or transit fair evasion as defined in § 812.015. (Misdemeanor exception source § 812.015).
20. Traffic: Any offense committed under the provision of Chapter 316, State Uniform Traffic Control, or Chapter 322, Drivers’ Licenses, in connection with a crash after investigation at the scene. (Misdemeanor exception source § 316.645).
21. Trespass: Any act of trespass on a campus or other facility of a school as defined in § 810.097. (Misdemeanor exception source § 810.097(4)).
22. Vessel Safety: A violation of a safety zone, security zone, regulated navigation area, or naval vessel protection zone as described in § 327.461. (Misdemeanor exception source § 901.15(9)(c)).

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